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Mitigation measures in Oil palm cultivation under delayed or deficit monsoon conditions 168
Improved feeding practices and importance of phytase supplements in pig farming 203
Field standards for seed production of forage crops 226
पटसन उत्पादन का आर्थिक विश्लेषण एवं विपणन प्रबन्धन 244
RICE: Breeder seed production 247
Insecticides as environmental contaminants and their remediation 250
Fodder Production and Livestock Feeding Management in Eastern India 258
Pig cum Fish culture in Integrated Farming System 261
Maintenance of soil fertility and role of organic matter. 269
Trace Elements: Insignificant Requirement with Significant Role in Crop Production 270
Fodder Beet – An Excellent fodder crop 291
Bee - Hive Productis 307
Contract Farming System Provides Economic Security to the Farmers 318
Duck Farming- an effective tool for socioeconomic development of rural people 325
Backyard Quail Farming – A new venture for rural farmers 338
Precise method to collect soil samples in oil palm plantations 390
Fluorides in Drinking Water: - a hidden poison 410
Best fertilizer management practices in oil palm for higher fresh fruit bunch production 438
Soil acidity: A limiting factor of crop production in India. 465
Package and Practices for cultivation of perennial Muga silkworm host plant Som (Persea bombycina) Kost 467
Emission of Green House Gases From Agricultural Sources and Their Mitigation 507
Vegetables for Nutritional Security 519
खेती में कैसे करें तेल की बचत 545
खेती की मशीनों का सही इस्तेमाल एवं देखभाल कर उसकी उम्र बढ़ाएँ 546

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