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HAU Hissa


Fruits borne in cluster of 2-3, round, small to medium, 3-4 locules, Fruits ripen uniformly, 40-50 fruits/plant. Suitable for winter season for Northern plains. Identified in 1975




Fruits flatish round, green stem end, slightly furrowed, uniform maturity, heavy yielder. Identified in 1975

Pusa Gaurav



Excellent for processing and long distance transportation. Identified in 1983. Cut leaves with light green foliage, fruit yellowish red, smooth oblong, two locules, uniform ripening. Maturity in 89-85 days.

Pusa Hybrid-2

IARI New Delhi

600 q/ha

Fruits yellowish smooth firm, uniform ripening. Resistant to nematode. Suitable for growing in all India

Pusa Hybrid-1

IARI New Delhi

500 q/ha

Fruits round and flattish, thick pericarp, uniform ripening, smooth 2-3 locules. suitable for growing in summer (Fruit set upto 28 0C). Night temp. 20 0C normal.


PAU, Ludhiana

175-280 q/ha

Plants are dwarf, bushy, vigorous, fruits are medium sized, compressed round, uniform red colored at maturity, juicy, highly acidic. suitable for fresh marketing for table purposes.



380 q/ha

Identified in 1987. Av. plant height 40 cm, erect, thick main stem with strong primary brances. Leaves normal and dark green. Fruit bright red, round, globular in shape and medium in size, born in cluster of 4-5. 30-40 fruits per plant. Crop duration 110-115 days. Vit. C content 25 mg/100gm.

Punjab Kesri  PAU Ludhiana  286 q/ha  Hybrid developed in 1987. Av. Plant height 60 cm, bushy. No fruit cracking. Early maturity, incidence of late blight and fruit borer moderate, Susceptible to root knot nematodes
Pusa Early Dwarf  NBPGR Delhi    Plant typical dwarf, 50-55 cm in height with compact fruiting, slightly flatish in shape, medium large, uniform red, ribbed, obscure furrow, 5-6 locules, 30-40 fruits per plant. Maturity 55-60 days after transplanting. Suitable for rainy season in plains and March sowing in Hills.
LA-Bonita NBPGR 353 q/ha Identified in 1987. Fruits have yellow stem end, smooth , oblong shaped without neck, 2-3 locules, thick pericarp. Suitable for long distance transportation.
Punjab Chhuhara PAU, Ludhiana   Suitable for long distance transportation. Identified in 1981. Plant dwarf, bushy with dense and luxuriant foliage. Fruits medium sized, pear shaped. firm, fleshy, less seedy, less sour, thick walled, uniformly red colored at maturity, retain marketable quality for a week after harvesting during summer.
Pusa Uphar IARI 370 q/ha Dark green leafs, cluster fruiting with 4-5 fruits per cluster, round medium size fruit with thick pericarp, uniform ripening. Identified in 1996
Pusa Sadabahar IARI 250-350 q/ha अधिक फलन, फल लाल अंडाकार गोल, छोटा चिकना एवं आकर्षक, ब्हत तापमान 8 से 30 डिग्री पर उगाने के लिए उपयुक्‍त 2004 मे विमाचित हंआ। 
Pusa Rohini IARI 412 q/ha 2005 में विमोचित किस्‍म, फल लाल गोल, चिकना, मध्‍यम आकर , मोटे छिलके वाला लम्‍बी अवधि तक टिकाण्ऊ, सुदूर क्षेत्रों तक भेजने के लिए उत्‍तम पकने की अवधि 120 दिन
Pusa Hyb-4 IARI 550 q/ha  1997 मे विमाचित किस्‍म। गोल मध्‍यम आकार, गोल बंधे, पीलापन लिए हुए, समान स्‍प से पकने वाला, सुदूर क्षेत्रों तक भेजने के लिए उत्‍तम, सूत्रक्मि के प्रति सहनशील
Pusa Hyb-8 IARI 430-450 q/ha  2001 मे विमोचित किस्‍म।  गोल मध्‍यम आकार, समान स्‍प से पकने वाला, सुदूर क्षेत्रों तक भेजने के लिए उत्‍तम, सूत्रक्मि के प्रति सहनशील
Arka Shreshta IIHR, Banglore 700 q/ha Hybrid variety, plants with light green foliage, fruits are round, firm, deep red, average weight 75 g, light green shoulder with jointed pedicel, flesh is red, shelflife 7 days under room temp. and excellent transport quality, 55-60 days for first picking which continues upto 140 days. Resistant to bacterial wilt 
BSS-39  Beejo Sheetal Seeds  500-700 q/ha Hybrid variety , fruits are dark red, flat round with thick skin, average weight of 100g, crack resistant which can withstand long transportation.
ARTH-3  Ankur Seeds, Nagpur  880-950 q/ha Plants with medium dark green leaves, fruits are squarish round, deep red, flesh red with 4.5 to 5% TSS, moderately tolerant to draught, harvesting starts after 80-85 day and continues upto 160-180 days. recommended for Assam, West Bengal, Maharastra, Western MP, Karnatka, Tamil Nadu and Kerela.
Arka Abhijit IIHR Banglore 400 q/ha Hybrid variety, plants semi determinate with dark green foliage, fruits round, firm, deep red with green shoulder and jointed pedicel, av.wt. 60 g, red flesh, excellent transport quality with shelf life 17 days at room temp. takes 55-60 days to first picking and continues upto 140 days.
MTH-6 (Gulmohar) Maharashtra Hybrid seed, Jalna 900-1000 q/ha Fruits are red, square, av. wt. 90 g, TSS 4.17%, first picking starts from 60-65 days, suitable for Maharashtra, western MP, Karnatka, TN and Kerala
BSS-98 (Megha) Beejo Sheetal Seeds 500-700 q/ha Hybrid , fruit are red with thick skin, good shelf life and transport quality.

Tomato (Indeterminate)

Pusa Ruby

IARI New Delhi


An Early maturity (60-65 days) variety suitable for autumn, winter & spring summer. Fruits flatish round, small to medium, 4-5 locules, slightly acidic. 25-30 fruits per plant. Good for juice & ketchup

Pant bahar



First ripening in 78 ays, Fruits flatish round, medium in size 5-6 locules, red on maturity. Resistant to Verticillium and Fusarium wilt.

Arka Saurabh

IIHR Banglore

380 q/ha

Fruits thick flesh, firm, round, medium large (70 gm), deep red and nipple tipped. Maturity 105 - 110 days

Arka Vishal

IIHR Banglore

750 q/ha

Fruits are round, firm, deep red with green shoulder, average weight 140 g, tolerant to fruit cracking, matures in 160 days. Suitable for Punjab, Bihar & UP plains.

Arka Vardan

IIHR Banglore

  Fruits are flat round, firm, deep red with green shoulder, av. weight 140 g, resistant to nematodes. Suitable for J7K, HP, UP, Punjab, Bihar, Karnatka, TN and kerala. 


Ankur Seeds, Nagpur

1000-1100 q/ha

Hybrid with dark green leaves, fruits are deep red, flat round, red flesh with 4-4.5% TSS, moderately tolerant to draught, harvesting starts after 80-85 days and continues upto 170-190 days. Suitable for Punjab,Bihar, UP plains, Karnatka, TN and Kerala

BSS-20 (Meenakashi)

Beejo Sheetal Seeds

600-1000 q/ha

Hybrid, Fruits are dark red, round global, av wt. 89 g, resistant to Fusarium wilt

BSS-99 (Manisha)

Beejo Sheetal Seeds

800-1000 q/ha

Hybrid with fruits red with thick skin, good shelf life and transport quality