Sunflower is one of the superior edible vegetable oil seeds consumed throughout the globe.

According to USDA sources, out of the total global production of oilseeds (444.2 million tons in 2010/2011), sunflower seed represents only 8%.

Russian Federation contributes 22% to the total Sunflower seed production to the world followed by Europe, Ukraine, Argentina and Turkey with 21%, 19%, 11% and 3% respectively.

Karnataka along with six states are the leading producers of sunflower in the country. Karnataka with a production of 304 thousand tonnes from an area of 794 thousand hectares followed by Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, Orissa and Tamil Nadu are contributing to most of the sunflower production of India. 70% of the crop is produced in Rabi (November – March) season, and remaining 30% in Kharif (June – September). The major trading centers for sunflower oil are Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Sunflower production follows a systemic weather risk as about 80 per cent of the area is under rain-fed production. In terms of productivity, The average productivity at all India level was 900 kg/ha which could increase depending on climatic conditions and availability of irrigation, which are critical factors for high yields.

The oil prices in India move largely in line with the international palm oil price moments and domestic demand and supply situations. Sunflower oil being healthier oil commands premium over other edible oils especially palm oil. The branded segment for the sunflower oil is growing at 20% annually and providing vibrant market.

In Karnataka, Chitradurga district has the largest area under sunflower followed by Davanagere. Market sources have confirmed that farmers are interested in knowing prices that might prevail for sunflower during harvest months of November-December 2012 so that they can take appropriate sowing decision. The high prices of Cotton and maize with better crop prospects have shifted. The Agricultural Market Intelligence Centre functioning in UAS Bangalore collected and analyzed the modal prices of sunflower that prevailed in Chitradurga market during the last 13 years. Also an opinion survey of sunflower traders was conducted. Based on the analysis and Market survey, it is forecasted that Kharif season sunflower would fetch a modal price around Rs.3700 /quintal during harvest. The analysis further shows that sunflower prices have remained more or less stable compared to many other oilseed crops. This forecast prevails for current market sentiments.The demand for Deoiled cake sunflower would be the major factor influencing price of sunflower seed


Traders survey revealed that present prices are in the range of 3200-3400 rupees/ quintal on an average and they said that future prices cannot go over 3700 rupees/Q and they said that sunflower production is less, dual oil cake prices increases and also depends on poultry feed.  Sunflower area in favor of Cotton & Maize the recent hike in MSP of Sunflower to Rs 3700/Quintal from previous.

NAIP project on “Establishing and networking of Market intelligence centers in India”
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