भारत के जलवायवीय क्षेत्र

Planning Commission has demarcated the geographical area of India into 15 agro-climatic regions. These are further divided into more homogenious 72 sub-zones.The 15 agroclimatic zones are:

Agro-climatic zones of India

1. Western Himalayan Region: J&K, HP, UP, Utranchal

2. Eastern Himalayan Region: Assam Sikkim, W.Bangal & all North-Eastern states

3. Lower Gangetic Plains Region: W.Bangal

4. Middle Gangetic Plains Region: UP, Bihar

5. Upper Gangetic Plains Region: UP

6. Trans-Gangetic Plains Region: Panjab, Haryana, Delhi & Rajasthan

7. Eastern Plateau and Hills Region: Maharastra, UP, Odisha & W.Bangal

8. Central Plateau and Hills Region: MP, Rajasthan, UP

9. Western Plateau and Hills Region: Maharastra, MP & Rajasthan

10. Southern Plateau and Hills Region: AP, Karnatak, Tamil Nadu

11. East Coast Plains and Hills Region: Odisha, AP, TN,& Pondicheri

12. West Coast Plains and Ghat Region : TN, Keral, Goa, Karnatak, Maharastra

13. Gujarat Plains and Hills Region: Gujrat

14. Western Dry Region: Rajasthan

15. The Islands Region: Andman & Nicaobar, Lakshya Deep


राकेश्‍वर वर्मा

तकनि‍की अधि‍कारी, भा.कृ.अं.संस्‍थान, नई दि‍ल्‍ली