डी डब्लू आर बी 92: उत्‍तर पश्‍चि‍म मैदानी क्षेत्रो के लि‍ए समय पर बुआई वाली माल्ट जौ की कि‍स्‍म।

Barley is considered as fourth largest cereal crop in the world with a share of 5.5-6% of the global cereal production. It is grown nearly by 100 countries worldwide and during 2012-13, barley occupied 0.69 m ha area in India with 1.75 million tonnes of grain production.

Barley is frequently being described as the cosmopolitan of the crops and also considered as industrial crop for malt production. Malt is used in beer, hard liquors, malted milk and flavourings in a variety of foods. Barley malt can also be added to many food stuffs such as biscuits, bread, cakes and desserts.

समय पर बुआई वाली माल्ट जौ की कि‍स्‍म डी डब्लू आर बी 92The demand of malt barley varieties is on continuous rise for malting and brewing in recent years. DWRB 92 is a new malt barley variety and was developed at DWR Karnal.

It was identified during 52nd AICW & BIP workshop at CSAUA&T, Kanpur and subsequently it was also released and notified by the Central Sub-committee on Crop Standards, Notification and Release of Varieties for Agricultural Crops (CVRC) vide Gazette Notification S.O. No. 1146 (E) dated on 24th April, 2014 for irrigated timely sown conditions of North Western Plains Zone (NWPZ).

Under coordinated evaluation trials, DWRB 92 (DWR 28 / DWR 45) was tested at a total of 31 locations with three checks viz. DWRUB 52 (two-row type), K 551 and BH 902 (both six-row type).

DWRB 92 exhibited average grain yield as 4981 Kg/ha (mean of 31 trials over 3 years). DWRB 92 revealed superiority in grain yield over six-row zonal check K 551 (10.86%) and two-row zonal check DWRUB 52 (1.61%).

The variety DWRB 92 was also numerically higher over six-row feed barley check BH 902 (1.00%). In agronomical trials, at recommended N dose, DWRB 92 showed numerical superiority for grain yield over all the checks i.e. DWRUB 52 (2.62 %), K 551 (5.48 %) and BH 902 (0.46 %), respectively.

DWRB 92 is erect type in growth habit with dark green foliage colour. DWRB92 had mean maturity of about 131 days and having average plant height of 95cm.

Spikes are slightly tapering in shape with intermediate ear density and erect attitude. Awns are long and yellow in colour. Grains are of bold size with medium hard texture, oblong shaped and yellow in colour.

The evaluation of multi-location grain samples for malting quality traits was undertaken for three years. The micro-malting analysis was performed and observations were recorded on different grain and malt quality traits as per the EBC (European Breweries Convention) procedures.

DWRB 92 has shown specific advantage for important malting traits like per cent bold grains, thin grains, 1000 grain weight, germinative energy, malt friability, diastatic power and wort filtration rate over all the checks (Table1).

It is comparable with two-row check DWRUB 52 for other quality traits like hectolitre weight, protein content, husk per cent, malt yield per cent, hot water extract and Kolbach index etc. under timely sown conditions.  

Table 1.Performance of DWRB 92for important malting quality traits under coordinated trials

Malt Quality DWRB 92 (2-R) DWRUB 52 (2-R C ) K 551 (6-R C) BH 902 (6-R C)
Protein (%) 11.9 11.0 12.3 10.5
Malt Friability (%) 68 67 58 57
Diastatic Power (0Linter) 105 99 103 104
Hot Water Extract (%fgdb) 79 80 79 79
Wort Filtration rate (ml/hr) 231 210 226 206
Kolbach Index (S/T nitrogen) 39 40 39 39


Vishnu Kumar*, R.P.S. Verma, Dinesh Kumar,R. Selvakumar,A.S. Kharuband Indu Sharma

ICAR-Directorate of Wheat Research,Karnal, Haryana – 132001

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