डी.डब्लू.आर.बी. 101: सिंचि‍त क्षेत्र एवं समय पर बुआई के लिए माल्ट जौ की उन्‍नत कि‍स्‍म।

DWRB101 (DWR28 / BH581) is a new malt barley variety, which was developed using pedigree method at DWR, Karnal. The variety was identified for irrigated timely sown conditions of North Western Plains Zone (NWPZ) during 53rd All India Coordinated Wheat and Barley Worker’s Meet held at JNKVV, Jabalpurduring 22-25 Aug. 2014.

DWRB101: Malt barleyDWRB101 was tested at a total of 31 locations with four checksviz. DWRUB52 and DWRB92 (both two-row type) and K 551 and BH 902 (both six-row type) under coordinated evaluation trials.

DWRB101 exhibited average grain yield as 5010 Kg/ha (mean of 31 trials over 3 years).

DWRB101 depicted superiority in grain yield over two-row malt barley checks DWRUB52 (6.6%), DWRB92 (4.8%) and six-row checks K551 (15.2%) and BH902 (7.7%), respectively.

In agronomical trials, at recommended N dose, the proposed variety DWRB101 showed numerical superiority for grain yield over both two-row malt barley checks i.e.  DWRUB52 (6.88 %) and DWRB92 (1.86%), respectively.

DWRB101 is erect type in growth habit with mean maturity of about 132 days and having average plant height of 97 cm. Spikes are erect, tapering type in shape with rudimentary lateral florets.

Grains are bold with medium hard texture, oblong shaped and yellow in colour with 46.9g 1000 grain weight. A comparison of DWRB101 with check varieties for ancillary traits is given in Table 1.

Table 1. Ancillary traits (mean of three years) of DWRB101 with checks

Ancillary Traits DWRB 101 DWRUB 52 DWRB 92 K 551
Plant height (cm) 97 96 93 111
Days to flowering 89 89 91 87
Days to Maturity 132 131 133 130
1000 grain weight (g) 46.9 45.6 53.3 43.1
Tillers per meter 146 146 135 104

DWRB-101 is having resistance to yellow rust under field conditions (natural scores=0) and also has specific advantage over recent malt barley check DWRB92 under artificial inoculations. DWRB101 also showed better resistance to leaf blight over all the checks under field conditions with double digit scores of 13 (2012-13) and 12 (2013-14), respectively.

In malting quality analysis, DWRB101 (61/90) has shown advantage over both two row malt barley checks i.e. DWRUB52 and DWRB92 for important quality traits viz. hectolitre weight, husk content, malt yield, malt friability and hot water extract (Table 2). 

DWRB101 revealed hectolitre weight (66.1 kg/hl), grain protein content (11.0 %), malt yield (85.5%), hot water extract (80.3%)and Kolbach index value 40. The newly developed variety would be gainfully utilized in Contract Farming by malt based industries and also by farmers due to its high yield levels, better disease resistance and malting quality traits.

Table 2. Quality parameters of DWRB101 and checks DWRUB52, DWRB92 and BH902

Quality traits DWRB101 DWRUB 52 DWRB 92 K551
Hectolitre Weight (Kg/hl) 66.1 65.4 63.5 59.2
Husk (%) 11.3 11.3 11.4 12.3
Protein (%) 11.0 10.9 12.5 12.1
Malt Yield (%) 85.5 85.3 84.3 86.3
Malt Friability (%) 63.9 60.1 57.5 54.2
Diastatic Power (0Linter) 101.0 105.0 109.0 104
Hot Water Extract (%fgdb) 80.3 79.1 79.0 78.8
Kolbach Index (S/T nitrogen) 40.0 40.0 39.0  


Vishnu Kumar*, R.P.S. Verma, A.S. Kharub, Dinesh Kumar, R. Selvakumar and Indu Sharma

ICAR-Directorate of Wheat Research, Karnal, Haryana – 132001

* e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.