बी.एच 959: केंद्रीय क्षेत्र के लिए नई चारा जौ की नई किस्म 

चारे के लि‍ए जौं की नई कि‍स्‍म बी.एच.959BH 959 ( BH 393/ BH 331) is a new feed barley variety, which was developed using pedigree method at CCSHAU, Hisar.

The variety was identified for irrigated timely sown conditions of Central Zone (CZ) during 53rd All India Coordinated Wheat and Barley Worker’s Meet held at JNKVV, Jabalpur during 22-25 Aug.2014.

Recently the variety BH959 has been also released and notified by Central Sub-Committee on Crop Standards, Notification and Release of Varieties for Agricultural Crops (CVRC) vide S.O. 1228 (E) dated 7th May 2015.

BH959 depicted average grain yield as 4990 Kg/ha (mean of 10 trials over 3 years) with grain yield superiority of 12.71 and 9.63 per cents over check varieties, PL751 and RD2786, respectively.

BH959 is erect type in growth habit with mean heading and maturity of about 63 and 109 days, respectively.

Average plant height of the variety is 71 cm. Spikes are parallel, dense and six-rowed type. Awns are long and yellow in colour at maturity. Grains are elongated, semi hard texture and yellow in colour with 46 g 1000 grain weight.

The salient features of BH959 aregiven in Table

Table: Morphological, quantitative and grain quality characteristics of BH959

Characters BH959
Row type six-rowed
Husk/ huskless hulled
Growth habit erect
Coleoptiles pigmented
Auricles non-pigmented
Leaf width medium
Peduncle medium-waxy
Flag leaf medium-waxy
Leaf sheath waxy (strongly)
Grain size medium bold
Grain shape elongated
Grain texture semi hard
Grain colour yellow
Aleuronecolour amber
Grain crease width narrow
Quantitative characters (average)
Days to heading (days) 63
Days to maturity (days) 109
Plant height (cm) 71
Tillers/metre 134
1000 grain weight (g) 46
Grain yield (q/ha) 49.90
Grain quality parameters (average)
Grain protein (%db) 9.83
Hectolitre weight (Kg/hl) 59
Bold grain (%) 78



Vishnu Kumar, S R Verma1 and AS Kharub

ICAR-Indian Institute of Wheat& Barley Research, Karnal-132001(HR)

1CCSHAU, Hisar (HR)

Corresponding author’s e-mai: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.