हरे मटर की उन्‍नत प्रजातियॉ

Varieties Developed By

Average yield


Peas (Early) 



IARI New Delhi 80 से 100 Pod are dark green, 8.5 cm long, 7-8 seeds per pod, green seeded. First picking in 60-65 days after sowing. Sowing time October in northern plain. Recommended in 1978

जवाहर मटर-4

Jawahar Matar-4

JNKVV Jabalpur 123  Pod green , well filled

काशी मुक्‍ती

Kashi Mukti

  120 Early maturing  powdery mildew resistant  variety yield 110-120 q/ha

Kashi Udai

    Early maturing, yield is 100 -110 q/ha
Peas (Mid season)



IARI New Delhi 150-175  Pods are light green, 8 cm long, , well filled 5-7 deeds/pod. Shelling % 43.5-44.5. Takes 65-70 days for flowering.



PAU Ludhian - 7-8 seeds per pod, less sweet. Shelling % 47.3. Days to flowering 72. Mature seeds green wrinkled. Susceptible to powdery mildew. Identified in 1985



IARI katrain - Pods 8-9 cm long, darkgreen, grains are sweet, 8-9 grains/pod, Takes 85-90 days to first picking. Shelling percent 46. Good for canning and transport having long self life. Good for Humid western himalayan region and shuhumid sutlej-ganga alluvial plains

जवाहर मटर-1

Jawahar Matar-1

Gwalior   Identified in 1975. Plant height 82 cm] leaves normal shaped] green in color, 2 flowers per acil, av size of pod 8.8 x 1.4 cm] 8-9 seeds per pod, mature seeds green in color, wrinkled.


वी एल-3


VPKAS almora 100 Identified in 1987. Av. height 67 cm, light green foliage, white flower, pod light green. av. pod length 6.8cm with 5 seeds per pod.shelling % 46. Matures in 145 days. Resistant to powdery mildew and wilt.


पंत उपहार

Pant Uphar

Pantnagar   Identified in 1985. Plant height 75-80 cm, relatively thin small leaflets, foliage light green, Flowers whtie, two buds per axil, lenght of pod 7-8cm shelling 52%. Susceptible to powdery mildew. Matures in 75-80 days.